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There are loads of other things that go into making your business successful, especially if you’re manufacturing and selling products to retailers. Whether it’s finding a new warehouse, building an engaging website, getting some great PR or organising cost effective shipping of goods then we know excellent people who can help. We can personally recommend companies and contacts to help with all of these services and they all offer good value too.


Great PR can be priceless – but finding the right people to help you - for the right price - can be tough. We think we know just the people to help


We know from experience that the difference between good and bad warehouses is huge. A badly run warehouse or poor service can give you huge stress


Getting products delivered across the world, Europe and UK is critical to get right. You need experts to help and make sure you get the best prices too


Managing the process of getting products from factory to warehouse to retailer can be a “can of worms” and a job in itself. We know the people to help

Video Production

Informative and engaging videos when required can be key for effective TV shopping or online retailers

Website Design

Often the first point of contact with a company or brand is their website. Need a new one, better one or some fresh ideas?

Creative Design

Want to make your brand appeal more? Need more enticing packaging? Whatever your needs we know people who can help

Range Extension

It’s often important to extend the range of your products to further your brand and maintain strong sales in the future


Finding the right factory for your products, whether in China, India, Europe or elsewhere can be very challenging

7 reasons to use Jump7

Without going into boring waffle, find out why it makes great sense to partner up with Jump7 to increase your sales.

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