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7 Reasons to use Jump7

Wondering why it makes good sense to use Jump7? Here’s a top 7 list of reasons to help you.

Reason 1

1. The right places to buy your products

We identify the right channels and retailers to buy your products, and then manage those relationships going forward.

Reason 2

2. The best connections

We have the contacts to enable us to do this for you as quickly as possible, both at the retailers and also with external service providers if they are required.

Reason 3

3. Selling through TV shopping channels

Jump7 can be your guide through the intricacies of making the most out of TV shopping channels for your business. Selling your products to the buyer is only the start of this complex but hugely valuable opportunity.

Reason 4

4. Shared Success

Our success is your success. Our rewards will be minimal without successfully selling in your products, so a shared common goal will link us together to strive for the best results.

Reason 5

5. Saving you money

Working together with Jump7 is likely to be significantly cheaper than hiring an internal sales resource or UK Sales Manager. No salary, computer, phone, tax, National Insurance or other overheads to worry about.

Reason 6

6. Global reach

First the UK, then Europe, the USA and rest of the world. While our focus is on the UK market, we can also help you generate sales in other international markets, either directly or through personally recommended partners.

Reason 7

7. A friendly, professional approach

The best business speech we ever heard was from Richard Reed, one of the founders of Innocent Drinks (now 90% owned by Coca-Cola). At a large business conference his speech was a breath of fresh air compared to other dull, death by PowerPoint, presentations.


One of the stand out points was that people like working with people they like. Here at Jump7 we couldn’t agree more. While we pride ourselves on an open, honest and professional approach, we always try to make positive and personable relationships with clients and retailers alike.

Who we sell to

What companies do Jump7 sell to – here’s a taster of some of our current retailers in the UK.

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