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Products sales success to Scotts of Stow

Published on 02/01/2020

Scotts of Stow have taken various products that Jump 7 represent and have had particular success with two brands in recent months, the first being the bicycle indicator lights, WingLights POP from Cycl, and secondly the fantastic Wipeout make up removal cloths from Magnitone.

Products sales success to Scotts of Stow

The Grommet take on several new products


The Grommet, owned by Ace Hardware - who have over 5,000 stores mostly across North America, have taken on several new products to sell to their customer database of several million people, including The Smart Steamer Lid, Infinity Candle and the Degono Coffee cafetière. 

Menkind take on 6 brands through Jump 7


UK leading retailer, Menkind, who have 60 stores across the country, have started to stock several brands and products sold into them by Jump 7. These include products such as Swhisky, Smart Steamer Lid, Wheel Bee, Unshrinkit, Cycl Winglights and Back Nodger. These should lead to some growing orders for these products from Menkind and their parent company, Gift Universe, in the run up to Christmas 2020.

Organic hand sanitiser and face mask spray a global hit for Physicool


With a real point of difference being the organic and natural nature of their products, Physicool’s new hand sanitiser and face mask sprays have been a global hit for them, selling into many countries around Europe and the wider world during the Coronavirus epidemic of this year.

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