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About Nick Christie

Nick Christie

Nick has 20 years’ worth of experience of selling into retailers and managing relationships with buyers.

Having graduated from Bristol University in 1995, Nick started his career in Direct/Online Marketing, but in recent years Nick has focused on selling innovative products into both international retail markets and UK retailers such as Tesco, ASDA-Walmart, WH Smith, Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Toys R Us, Halfords, Wilkinson and Morrisons.

During this period Nick worked on products that by their nature had a natural affinity to being more successfully sold on TV shopping channels, through online retailers, in gift catalogues/mail order and also onboard airlines.

Notably working with the world’s largest TV shopping channel, QVC, in the UK, USA, Italy and Germany achieved some big ticket orders. Other key clients included M&G Presents, Shop Direct and the world’s largest supplier into over 200 airlines and duty free shops.

This gave Nick the business idea to form his own company helping other businesses to benefit from this experience and success. Jump7 was thus born! His contact base and knowledge of the sometimes complex buying and management processes has proved essential to succeed.

Nick lives in Gloucestershire with his wife and three young children, Jack, Poppy and Tilly.

His wife is Marketing Director at a well-known multi-channel furniture retailer and his children currently seem obsessed with with football, swimming and Barbie respectively!

Nick is passionate about all sports, particularly football, cricket, rugby and tennis, and perhaps his dream day would be watching Aston Villa win the FA Cup at Wembley (and therefore likely to remain a dream)...

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