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Jump7 BackgroundJump 7 is particularly focused on brands and products that:

  1. Benefit from being explained or demonstrated
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Offer something innovative, different or unique

If you’re from a company making these kinds of products, Jump7 have many years or selling to retailers around the world, and of gaining the success you want.

We have particularly strong experience of selling products that, while successful in high street retail locations, were mega sales hits in other sales channels such as on TV shopping channels, online retailers, in gift catalogues/mail order and also onboard airlines . These are sales channels that are often undervalued, less known about or just plain difficult to get into.

The other great benefit of these unique sales channels is that the retailers within them can buy your products far quicker than standard high street retailers (who often plan 12 months ahead and have shelf space issues).

Furthermore, the success of your product sales are often known within days or even a few hours in the case of TV shopping.

We know the UK market well and also have the potential to introduce your products to international partners. Led by CEO, Nick Christie, let Jump7 help you and your products succeed.

If you’re a retailer or buyer looking for just these kinds of products do get in touch to hear about all the exciting brands and products we represent. As we are an agency not a distributor, you’ll also get the best prices possible.

Jump and you will fly…

7 reasons to use Jump7

Without going into boring waffle, find out why it makes great sense to partner up with Jump7 to increase your sales.

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