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7 Reasons to work at Jump7

We're pretty sure that Jump7 is a fun and rewarding place to work, but here's just a few highlights to whet your appetite.

Reason 1

1. Prizes, prizes, prizes

Of course it’s nice to get money, but we also like to reward great work with more tangible or personal prizes. Whether it’s the latest gadget or a delicious dinner for two in a swanky restaurant, we want to keep you happy and motivated.

Reason 2

2. Happy Birthday

If your birthday falls on a weekday, have an extra day off on us. Enjoy a nice long lie in, watch a movie, or simply head to the pub - it's your birthday, enjoy it!

Reason 3

3. Everyone's Got Talent

We believe everyone's got talent. We want to develop your talent and skill set to ensure greater future success for both you and the business.

Reason 4

4. Beer Friday

Every Friday, we’ll go to a local pub and have a pint and a chinwag about life, work, new ideas and the universe (or X Factor). The drinks are on us, whatever your tipple (unless it’s Bollinger and then we might need to have a quiet word).

Reason 5

5. World Cup mania

If England are playing a big World Cup game during the day, we'll all go to the pub to cheer on the team. If you're not a fan of England and can convince Nick that another game is just as important, he may well let you watch that too (or make you work twice as hard in the office…)

Reason 6

6. Your Shout

No, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the drinks, but sometimes you’ll have the best ideas about how to make us a better company or a nicer place to work. Tell us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Reason 7

7. Posh Bog Roll Guarantee

Anyone else remember that tracing paper like rubbish from school? Yes, we far prefer the soft Labrador puppy loo roll stuff too, so we make a Jump7 guarantee to supply that.

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